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At Trakwerx, we use some of the best composers in the music industry today. These highly-trained, multi-talented composers comprise the most integral part of our business - making the world's best music.










AMG (Top)

AMG, a prolific songwriter and producer, has been on the Hip Hop and Rap scene since the early 90's. He has had album successes with record companies such as Columbia, Def Jam, Virgin, Mercury, Polygram and most recently Arista. His signature song "Bitch Betta Have My Money" earned him notoriety in 1991. As well as being a performer and songwriter, AMG has produced songs for the likes of DJ Quik, Boss-Born Gangstaz, 2nd II None, Flexx, and Poppa L.Q. among others and has also placed several songs on soundtracks for Select, Warner Bros., and Columbia Pictures.

Steven H. Bardo (Top)

Steven H. Bardo began his musical career in his hometown of Buffalo, New York, where he first earned his reputation as a rockin’ blues guitarist while playing the local club scene. Having quickly outgrown the Buffalo music scene, Steven, looking for new musical experiences and warmer weather (it’s awful cold in Buffalo) set sail for sunny Hollywood, California.

In addition to continuing his guitar playing in such notable LA club favorites as Ted Turner and the Blue Baron Band, Steven also started Painted Sound Studios where he met and jammed with the likes of Clem Burke from Blondie and Steppenwolf’s Michael Monarch. Specializing in capturing the essence of live performances, word quickly spread among the blues, rockabilly and punk communities that Painted Sound Studios was the place to record.  Among his lengthy list of credits Steven has engineered and produced albums for Ray Campi, Sammy Masters, Dee Dee Ramone and child star Brandon Cruz (who played Eddie on hit television show The Courtship of Eddie’s Father).

Recently, Steven has revisited some of his roots in avant-garde music. Earlier, he co-produced legendary Todd Rundgren and worked with the infamous Dr. Timothy Leary. Most recently Steven has been playing, writing and recording with Jackson Del Rey from Savage Republic in the popular LA band Del Rey & The Sun Kings.

John Batdorf (Top)
John Batdorf Web Site

John Batdorf has a varied background in the music industry. Not only has he been a studio vocalist on hundreds of commercials, TV show, movies, main title themes, station IDs, and several hit records, John has performed as a guitarist and pianist as well. He was a staff songwriter for several years including a successful career as a recording artist: Batdorf and Rodney/Silver/John Batdorf/Batdorf and McLean. He also arranged, produced and composed countless commercials and industrials from 1989-2003. As a composer John has written for such productions as: "Touched By An Angel", "Promised Land", "Book Of Days", "7 Stages", & "Postcards From Heaven".

Peter Boshart (Top)

Peter Boshart has worked with some of the top names in the music industry, including Nick Blagona (The Tea Party, David Bowie, The Police, Chicago, Rush, The Bee Gees, Tina Turner) and Arnold Lanni (Our Lady Peace, Finger Eleven, A Simple Plan, Kings X). Some of Peter's work can be heard in Hollywood blockbusters and trailers such as "Blade 2" (New Line Cinema), "The Time Machine" (Dreamworks ), Jackie Chan's "The Accidental Spy" (Golden Harvest), ABC's "Alias", and commercials on TNT for "Out for Justice" with Steven Segal and "The Terminator" with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Blair Carty (Top)

Blair Carty, a longtime electronic music producer and DJ, has kept himself busy with a multitude of projects ranging from downtempo and ambient to the most frenetic drum and bass. Under his Grizzly moniker, used specifically for drum and bass productions, he has released 2 self-produced CDs and has had 3 12" single releases with glowing press from major publications in the US and UK. As one of the founding artists at, Grizzly has had over 20,000 listens and downloads. Another project Froxel, a collaboration with Justin Guillen, began in 2000 with a mission to blend electronics with deconstructed guitar samples. Tackling all genres from ambient to breaks, no genre of music is safe. On the strength of a self-produced EP entitled "Ether" Froxel secured a single deal for the track "Spaced In" with Zeal Records out of Belgium to be released in the fall/winter of 2003. Another track from that same EP called "Turbine Wars" has been signed to Evelyn records from the UK for a single release as well. Negotiations are in the works with labels for an album of Froxel material so expect big things from this project. Blair has also been busy writing material for music libraries and has produced material for Chronic Trax, a division of Killer Music.

Tony Cash (Top)

CHR LA Music Pipeline artist Tony Ca$h is perceived as one of the top, up and coming underground rap personalities, with wit and charisma, Tony Ca$h breathes a fresh breath into the rap community. Since 1993 Tony Ca$h and his crew “The company” has hustled through the Detroit rap scene battling opponents, headlining top venues, and gaining respect in the city.

Since 2001 Tony Ca$h and O-Face Productions have been active with licensing libraries involved in post-production television, video games, radio, and film. While maintaining credibility on the mic, producing club bangers, and tasteful street tracks brings truth to the fact he’s a career artist.

Emily Coburn (Top)

Songwriter/Commposer Emily Coburn's music has been heard on radio, television and in film worldwide. She has been producing top quality production music for many years, and frequently collaborates with award-winning writers on hit singles for artists from Nashville to Hollywood. An extensively trained musician, Emily is also an in-demand session player and often tours internationally with top-level artists.

Matt Reid Cohn (Top)

Matt Reid Cohn is a musician and composer from Long Beach, California. He has enjoyed a colorful musical journey so far, touring the globe with the band "Berlin" in the early '80s, composing for Toyota Corporation, writing children's music, and playing live in venues all over southern California. He has just finished collaborating on his first documentary video, "Tiki Hunters." Cohn enjoys the cultural diversity of southern California and is always seeking to infuse his work with it.

Pat Colgan (Top)

As a songwriter, composer, and producer Pat Colgan has a very diverse background. His broad experience spreads through many genres including children's musicals, country, blues, rock, and latin jazz. For many years he played live in the Southern California area as a solo guitarist as well as with renowned sax player, Sid Levy. He was recognized as one of the hottest talents in musical theatre by Lehman Engel and has had his musicals performed in the South Coast Repertory Theater. Co-producing six highly acclaimed CDs for recording artists Carl Verheyen and Chris Wall, he continues to write songs, produce, and compose music library cues in his home studio in the Los Angeles area.

Jerome Colly (Top)

Born in Los Angeles, California Jerome B. Colly aka “Duke” showed his musical talent at an early age. Once his family moved to Shreveport, Louisiana he began to build his musical career.
After graduating high school, he became a member of the rap group Nu Tech. They built a local following in and around the Northern Louisiana region. The production and lyrics of this rap group gained the attention of the label execs at Select Records and Profile. The group did not have the same vision and once in New York, found themselves to be going separate ways. In Las Vegas, Nevada, Jerome became involved in producing artists with the local labels. Feeling that his work needed more diversity and sound, he moved to California in 2000. Currently Jerome is building his production catalog and developing his publishing company as well as working with his wife as an industry consultant.

Ken Deifik (Top)

Ken Deifik is a member of the popular Los Angeles duo "the vonBrellas." He has recorded as a harmonica player and guitarist in New York, Nashville, and L.A.  He can be heard on records with such diverse acts as Marty Robbins, Richard Thomas (whom he produced), Janie Fricke, Estelle Parsons, Laurie Anderson, Kenward Elmslie, Peter Gordon's Love Of Life Orchestra, Andy Statman, Janie Street, "Blue Gene" Tyranny, and Scott Johnson. He has played on bluegrass records, TV commercials, truck driver jingles, movie sound tracks, and rock 'n roll records. In 1999, Ken composed and played the soundtrack to Pat Fraley's bestselling recorded book of "Huckleberry Finn" for Audio Partners.

Jackson Del Rey (Top)

Jackson Del Rey is a curious and somewhat mysterious figure whose music is undeservedly little known. Del Rey was an art student at UCLA who first came to most people's notice as a founding member of Savage Republic. Later, he started a side project called Seventeen Pygmies. After releasing his first EP Hatikva, he released Captured in Ice, and Jedda by the Sea, gradually moving away from the folk influences and toward a soft, distanced, and melancholy sound.

Del Rey quickly formed his next project the Jackson Del Rey Band. Wickerman, an album of mysterious, atmospheric folk-rock with Celtic overtones, appeared in 1990. The next Jackson Del Rey album, Kyrie, steeped in mystical religious themes, appeared in 1992.

After a long hiatus from the music industry Jackson Del Rey has now reappeared as the leading member of Del Rey & the Sun Kings. Already receiving critical acclaim, they released their first album, I Am The Light, in early 2005. Meanwhile, a reunion tour of Savage Republic is in the works for late 2005 and early 2006 including one of the original band members, Jeff Long.

Jackson Del Rey continues to write new material for his bands as well as instrumental tracks for Trakwerx.

Gayle Ellett (Top)

When not busy flying his Hang Glider 10,000 feet up in the sky, and racing motorcycles across the desert, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Gayle Ellett can be found writing music in his private 24-track fully-digital recording studio located in the mountains above Malibu. Having scored music for numerous TV shows (ABC, ESPN), films, commercials, and music libraries over the past 15 years, he has composed many hours of music in a large number of highly varied styles, and has earned extremely positive reviews in such magazines as Billboard (“Critic’s Choice” Award), Rolling Stone (#2 Independent Album Of The Year), Guitar Player, Keyboard, Bass Player, and CD Review.

Michael Ferenci (Top)

For 20 years Michael Ferenci has been involved in the recording industry in Los Angeles. From his beginnings as a studio guitarist to his position as a composer, Michael has been involved with numerous film, television, and album assignments. Michael's credits speak for themselves. He has placed his music in film projects such as Meet The Parents, Perfect Target, Tales You Win, Heads You're Dead, Best of the Best Part 2, and Chips the War Dog. Television shows include History Channel, Boy Meets World, Love and Betrayal (The Mia Farrow Story), The "MASK", Dinosaurs, Amen, Ringling Bros. Television Special, Ann Jillian Show, Jerry Lewis Telethon, Fortune Hunter, Johnny Bravo, and Jack and Jill.

Fabrizio V. Zee Grossi (Top)

With an enviable production/development bio, arranger/producer, bass and guitar player, programmer and percussionist, Fabrizio V. Zee Grossi is a well-rounded and well-known music industry pro. He has performed and/or recorded with such music greats as Steve Vai, Ice-T, Tracy Guns, Jeff Pilson, Marco Mendoza, Nina Hagen, and Slash, just to name a few. His latest album - a Hendrix tribute titled "Hazy Dream" (EDEL) was released in May, 2003 and quickly climbed the charts in over half of Europe, receiving much critical acclaim. Fabrizio has also recently collaborated with Elan on the debut album "Street Child" which was released in Central and South America, as well as Australia and New Zealand, and is already on the Mexican Top 10 for radio airplay. Fabrizio is currently helping Elan as music director for the up-coming tour. He has just completed final touches to the new Joseph Williams (TOTO) album , on Frontiers/EDEL, on which he was producer, arranger, mixer, programmer, bass player and co-guitarist. Not busy enough, Fabrizio is also working along with super guitarists Steve Lukather, Neal Schon and Ritchie Kozten on the new Starship/Mickey Thomas album, titled "Over the edge”, to be released in January 2004 on Frontiers/EDEL.

Ross Haber (Top)
Ross Haber Web Site

A multi-talented musician, starting out at the tender age of seven, Ross Haber has had his hands on a piano or guitar almost his entire life. He began writing music in his early 20s and in 1984 began work on his first album "Just Another Likeness", laying the groundwork for future projects. In 1994, he produced his first album with Billy Moore titled "Whispers in the Wind". It was during this time he joined ASCAP. This was followed by a third album with Billy in 1996 titled "Short Memories and Long Term Notions". In 2000, Billy became Ross's writing partner and they began writing and producing instrumental underscores. Through all of his musical adventures, Ross has also been a furniture designer and manufacturer. The creative process for him is like "the spokes of a wagon wheel, moving out from the center in different directions only to come altogether again at the end."

Bruce Lloyd Kates (Top)

Bruce Lloyd Kates, a classically trained musician and pianist, lives in Los Angeles where he was born. His songs are reminiscent of old standards from the 1930’s – an epoch of popular music that owed so much to the classical romantic tradition in its style and sensibility. The songwriters of that time who have had a major influence on him range in their diversity from Irving Berlin to Noel Coward. If Bruce were called upon to describe in one sentence what his music is about, he would say it is an attempt to bring together and harmonize two very different aspects of himself – the emotional and the rational. Bruce has an extensive portfolio of songs, with a wide range of moods and textures.

Ron Krasinski (Top)

Ron Krasinski has been part of the West Coast music scene since 1972. He has performed as a drummer for many pop acts, such as Barry Manilow, Seals and Croft, Sheena Easton, and Olivia Newton-John. He can be heard on records with many of those pop acts and 70's teen acts like Shaun Cassidy, and Leif Garret, and also Dr. Dre's early work (NWE, EZ, Michelle Le). As a composer, Ron draws from his playing experiences in TV and movies, including shows such as Murphy Brown, Family Ties, Sid and Marty Kroft shows and Marvel Cartoons. His knowledge of ethnic music rounds out his pallet. He has written dozens of jingles for such mega corporations as Toyota, Budweiser, IBM, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, and has music on Telemudo, MSNBC, and A&E.

Steven Last (Top)

Steven was born in Germany into a successful musical family. His father was a bandleader to one of the premiere orchestras in Europe, and recorded and produced more than 70 successful albums for Polygram. His uncle is world renowned artist, James Last who is recipient of over 300 platinum and gold albums, and is recognized as one of the most successful recording artists of all time. After earning a degree in music at the Hamburg Music Conservatory, he joined EMI Publishing where he learned the music business from the ground up. He started his own record label, scored and wrote songs for German television. His music can often be described as an edgy mix of unusual world music elements blended with electronics which employ both traditional and experimental arrangements. As a producer Steven has produced artists like Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, Tessa Niles, and Miriam Stockley.

Billy Moore (Top)

Billy Moore began playing drums at the age of 10, followed by piano lessons through high school. He wrote and published his first piece of music titled "B-Flat Baroque" while still in high school. He studied at Butler University, Berklee College of Music, and Indiana University. During his stay at IU, he played percussion and toured throughout the Midwest in a jazz-fusion band. Billy moved to LA in 1980 where he did a lot of session work for records, film and TV. It was during this time that he met musician/composer, Ross Haber and produced/played on three albums with him. They are now writing partners for Trakwerx. Billy released an album "Mind Resort" in 1990 which received extensive national airplay on smooth jazz radio.
In 1994 he began composing music for Film/TV and jingles. He now has over 50 writing/playing credits including The Sopranos, Mad About You, Family Matters, Six Feet Under, Larry King Live, and St. Elmo's Fire.

o2 Music (Top)

London based composing duo o2 fuse their eclectic mix of contemporary styles to create a unique sound developed from scoring music and sound to picture. Graham Waugh and Raoul Brand met in 1996 whilst working for ex-Dream Academy composer Steve Lambert, as an engineering / programming team. From their recording studios in Camden Town they have sonified moving images for commercials, documentaries, short films and TV programs world-wide for over seven years. Their clients include Nike, Audi, BMW, Red Cross, Daewoo, CNN, BBC, Channel 4.

They recently composed and produced the Soundtrack for RTS award winning "Superfly" in addition to the highly acclaimed documentary series "Visions of Space" for which they earned a Bafta Nomination. In addition they have also released instrumental works under the names Lunatek, Audiopunk and most recently Navega, as well as producing and remixing work for artists such as Billie Ray Martin, with whom they recorded the backing tracks for her latest album at the House of Blues in Memphis featuring vocalists Anne Peebles, Carla Thomas and Marvel Thomas on organ.

Trevin Pinto (Top)
(With Leon Rafael as the Turn)

Segovia Award winning guitarist Trevin Pinto fuses an expressive Spanish guitar style with pop alongside songwriter Leon Rafael as a member of one of most consummate and unique writing / production teams in Los Angeles (the Turn). He holds degrees in music from Cal State Northridge and the University of New Mexico. His debut recording was a collection of solo guitar music by the composer Torroba called "Spanish Dances," and an interest in film led to two scores for films by director BC Furtney; "A Gentle Form of Murder" (feature) and a horror short called "Y." As the Turn, Pinto and Rafael focus on a huge untapped market as they work to develop the first female and male Mexican-American pop stars since Selena & Ritchie Valens. Indeed, given the wave of imported Latin artists currently popular Stateside, the Turn's sound, a combination of pop/r&b vocals with a Gypsy Kings' wall of guitars, will have a colossal impact on a crucial demographic that has been ignored to date: Latinos born and raised in the U.S.A. And the Turn shows no signs of slowing. With a steadily expanding roster of talent, and a wealth of material, the team is set to take the world by storm. Most recently, they collaborated in the studio with Milan Williams, of Motown's Commodores, on one of their projects. the Turn - a new dynasty in popular music? If quality is a foundation for success, the Revolution has already begun.

John Pratt (Top)

John Pratt's extensive experience with the music industry covers many genres of movies, television series, commercials and video trailers. A graduate of the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts, and an established recording artist, John has recorded with Kim Carnes, Gino Vanelli, Lita Ford, Steve Stone, "9.0" & Julliet, amongst many others. His music can be heard in such films as "The Librarians" (Global Pictures One), "Opposite Sex" (Once Upon A Time/Outlaw Films), "Decade of Love" (Voelker Films), and "Soul Cages" (Satriani Films). He has also written music for many television series, including "Party of Five" (Fox), "Second Noah" (ABC), "Jailbait" (MTV), and "Emerald Cove".

Dan Radlauer (Top)

Over the past fifteen years, Dan Radlauer has composed music for Film, Network TV, CDs and over 700 commercials for companies including; Coke, Nissan, Pizza Hut, Acura, Microsoft, Denny's, Mazda, Mattel and many others. From 1990 to 1993 his music was featured as theme music for the Sally Jesse Raphael Show and the Jerry Springer Show. He wrote the theme for the "Disney Block Party" cartoon series, and has scored a cartoon series for Nickelodeon. His music is heard internationally from Theme Parks in Asia, to commercials in Australia, Europe and Japan to the Montrose Jazz Festival in Switzerland. He frequently donates his time and talents to non-profit organizations composing music for public service announcements and fund raising videos. An accomplished pianist, guitarist, bassist, orchestrator and synthesizer programmer, he has the ability to compose in many styles from classical, jazz and symphonic music, to rock, techno and sound design. He is also frequently asked to collaborate on lyrics for songs and jingles.

Leon Rafael (Top)

Leon Rafael, a graduate of the University of Illinois, is a talented writer that has garnered attention from the Pop and Latin world. He and his writing partner, Trevin Pinto, have a very unique sound, layering classical and flamenco guitars underneath various pop and Latin singers' vocal stylings. Leon has television experience writing the title theme for Hispanic TV sitcom "Aqui Me Quedo", and a theme track for "Canal 60". He has written national and local spots for major corporations such as Anheuser Busch, Jewel Food Stores, Lays Potato Chips, Coca-Cola, Northern Illinois Gas Co, and American Airlines. Leon's bilingual, bicultural influence shows his Mexican heritage and is evident in his approach toward music. He continues to work with various artists producing and songwriting in the Los Angeles area, writing melodies that have the power to stir our souls.

Lea Reis (Top)

Throughout Lea's life, she has been exposed to the Brazilian culture her mother grew up in, and the Portuguese musician her father influenced in her. Living in Los Angeles influenced her Hip Hop nature which is apparent in her music. She is now working on releasing her own production compilation, independently, as well as producing songs as an in-house producer for Fox Sports West and Richard Wolf’s Producer’s Lab. Her musical style is a combination of her Brazilian roots, which incorporates African rhythms and folk music, classical instruction, and her hometown upbringing of R&B and Hip Hop. Her credits include producing/remixing tracks for such artists as: Champ MC, TuPac, Jade, Rockell, Yo Yo, Thug Life, and Road Dogs.

Zhenya Rock (Top)

As a composer, producer, writer, singer, and multiperformer, Zhenya Rock has a lot to offer. Originally from Russia, he moved to the United States in 1990. He has written, co-written and produced music for films such as "Mail Order Bride", "Skippy", "Six String Samurai", "Heartbreakers", "Pitch", and "Unfinished Business". As a performer Zhenya has played on TV shows such as "Fast Lane", "Melrose Place", VH1 (Behind The Music)", MTV (pilot), E Channel, Austin Music Network (pilot), and Penn & Teller. His TV commercials include original music written for RoadRunner Internet Service (three 30 second spots) and Coca Cola.

Kendall Roclord (Top)

Kendall Roclord is a musician of the highest caliber. An accomplished pianist, composer and arranger, he has written film scores for The Chain, The Granny, Neon Maniacs, The Curse of the Crimson Altar, War Italian Style, Crime and Passion, and Planet of the Vampires - to name a few. Television projects include Bodies of Evidence, Four Corners, and The Glomar Explorer. Also a jingle writer, Kendall has added Nasty Boys, Return to the Titanic, Peter the Great, Bob Hope Salutes the Soaps, Labatt's Beer, and Death of a Centerfold to his list of credits. Movie trailers are also one of his specialties: Total Recall, Born on the Fourth of July, Glory, Heat, Mask, and Tequila Sunrise. His midi transcriptions, orchestrations and music copying experiences include some of the biggest films of all time: Titanic, Apollo 13, Mission Impossible, Good Will Hunting, Mask of Zorro, 101 Dalmations, The Temptations, Lethal Weapon 4, and South Park.

Brian Roth (Top)

Brian Roth, a graduate of Hope College, has performed with string ensembles, orchestras, jazz combos, touring rock groups, country bands, and theater productions. He spent several years with Higher Ground Studio as a sound engineer/designer and produced the audio for over two thousand radio and TV commercials for clients like Samsung, City of Los Angeles, Volkswagen, and Sport Chalet. He has been a Pro Tools/production consultant to one of LA's top radio stations and a creative/production consultant for UCLA. As a commercial composer, arranger and songwriter, Brian has kept busy with music libraries, trailers, DVDs and theme and underscore music for the interactive sci-fi magazine entitled "Visionary."As a film composer and songwriter Brian has written cues for HBO and Showtime. He is currently working on two pop songs to be featured in the full-length film "Wolvy."

Shysti (Top)

Shysti is a producer/artist/poet/community activist from the eclectic border town of San Diego, California. His music conveys images and storylines that are unique to his environment. As co-founder and head producer of Riverbottom Entertainment, Shysti has produced tracks for such artists as Frost, Brotha Lynch Hung, Don Cisco, Lodus, Lil One, and Latin Kings. Like Frost, Shysti sets a place for Chicanos in Rap Music and like Public Enemy he defines a new era of cultural awareness. His debut solo album entitled Border Music can be described as Corrido Rap or Narco Corrido Music. A Chicano voice with rhythms from a California vibe and flavor, Shysti fuses English and border Spanish in his rhymes forming a new and expressive dialect for Latin and Rap music.

Larry Steelman (Top)

Larry Steelman is an accomplished composer/pianist/arranger. Currently living in the San Francisco area, Larry's jazz roots show in all aspects of his writing and performing. Larry has produced and arranged music for such artists as Carl Anderson, Diane Schuur, and Grant Geissman. His extensive live touring of the US, Europe, Australia and Japan for Johnny Mathis, Gloria Loring, Willie Bobo, Cornelius Bumpus and Keiko Matsui and recording for Jennifer Warnes, Leonard Cohen, Natalie Cole, and Mick Jagger places him among the best in the business. He has performed on TV shows such as Designing Women, The Tonight Show, The Young and The Restless, The Byron Allen Show, Solid Gold and The Merv Griffin Show to name a few. Also a well respected teacher in the musical community, Larry was the Department Head of Keyboards at the Musician's Institute of Technology and Professor of Synthesizer and Electronic Orchestration at the Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. As a composer Larry has written and arranged for The Swan Princess, Human Shield, Highway To Hell, Home Alone, 2010, The Making Of Red Dawn and The Making Of Cloak and Dagger.

Carl Verheyen (Top)

Carl Verheyen, one of the top studio guitarists in Los Angeles for many years has a long list of credits to his name. He has performed in over 200 TV shows, some of which are The Tonight Show, Cheers, LA Law, Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley and such feature films as The Milagro Beanfield Wars, Endless Summer II, the Negotiator, the Usual Suspects, LA Story, Moscow On The Hudson and Stand And Deliver. Carl's live performance experience has taken him around the world with his own trio as well as Supertramp, Melissa Manchester, Glenn Frey, and Carl Anderson. He has appeared on albums with Dave Grusin, Stanley Clarke, Little Richard, Pauly Shore, Cher, Rick Braun, Supertramp, Graeme Ravell, and Richard Elliot. He has received numerous awards as Best Studio Guitarist - Guitar Player Magazine, Guitar Magazine's Top 10 Undiscovered Guitar Players In The World, and LA Music Award's Best Guitarist of Los Angeles.

Paul Windridge (Top)

Paul Windrige is an accomplished artist in many respects. With a life-long passion for painting and music, art for Paul means both audio as well as visual. A graduate of Liverpool and Nottingham Colleges of Art, Paul was a full-time freelance artist and held many one-man exhibitions - selling both oil and watercolor paintings worldwide. In 1999 he won an image-of-the-year award with Adobe Systems (the software manufacturers of Adobe Photoshop etc.), and his association with Adobe has prospered ever since. His graphics company conceptualizes new designs for them, with his latest venture in this respect being in conjunction with Koo Bhangra. They make short movies which gain inspiration from Paul's music. These are either stand-alone productions, or made in conjunction with arts organizations with a view to future full-scale productions for the stage. He specializes in both rhythmic based pieces mixed with atmospheric exterior ambient sound, and also fuller compositions which include various instrumentation. Paul performs with Sujatha Menon (a vocalist and songwriter) and John Herbert (a guitarist and songwriter) as the group Sosa. Their first CD called "In a Dream" used Paul's rhythms and ambient sounds as the basis for each of the tracks. A true artist, every aspect of his music is constantly developing and evolving, and his mind remains open to all directions.


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